Graphicwand | Novum
Graphicwand | Novum
Studio de création graphique
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The german magazine Novum published 4 pages of graphicwand’s work.
This is a german magazine specialises in graphic design. The article are bi-lingual english-german. You can find it here or just only this article here.
This is extract from the publications : « Marilyne Scheepers was keen to de­velop her own unmistakeable style. And in her studio Graphicwand she set about experimenting with a wide ­range of materials, seeking always to uncover unusual perspectives on her themes. »


Le magazine allemand Novum a publié un article de 4 pages sur Graphicwand. C’ est un magazine de graphisme allemand traduit en 2 langues : allemand-anglais.Vous pouvez le trouver ici ou alors télécharger uniquement l’article ici.



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